We’re Sorry to Tell You – HITS Magazine

This vintage photo of Taylor Dayne holding a copy of our print publication—unquestionably because a publicist told her to—is proffered as a reminder that we are now assembling our 36th Anniversary Special. The implications of this sobering news are many; chief among them is the fact that we are somehow still in business despite having published our dreck for 36 years. In any event, we have no idea what will end up in this year’s Anni, as our editors typically imbibe enough cannabis to pacify a mid-sized city before pulling an all-nighter, dispatching the pages to the printer and then settling in for a three-day nap. But there’s a chance you’ll see some vintage photos and a reminder that once upon a time in the biz, a week’s worth of wacky radio pics included what would now be a lifetime of HR violations.