30-Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition: “Tell It To My Heart”

Taylor just released a new album to commemorate a momentous anniversary — Tell It To My Heart: 30 Year Deluxe Edition. This celebratory release includes Taylor’s Top 14 Greatest hits with Additional New Remixes of her classic hits, “Tell it to my Heart” and “Love will Lead You Back”.

Dear Fans, Friends and Family,
Wow!! I can’t believe this musical journey of mine called life has brought me to this 30th anniversary ! All my love and gratitude goes out to each of you for your support in so many ways for so many years. Between this 30-year anniversary, combined with the upcoming release of my memoir, I find myself very reflective while excited about the future. A little girl from Long Island, with a voice and a dream, launched “Tell it to My Heart” 30 years ago!! It only seems fitting to share some reimagined hits with you. Come share this special year and anniversary with me on one of the many tour dates on our calendar. Most importantly, Thank you!!
Each of your love and support has carried me for 30 years so far…I am blessed with fans, friends and family, so this 30 year celebration is for all of you!! Love and appreciation,
Love You All,